Top 9 Places to Visit in AZ if You Need a Hookup Buddy

When you think of America’s most scenic and touristy locations, you probably think of California, New York, New Mexico, Oregon, etc., but maybe you forget to think of Arizona. The Copper State is full of plenty of natural wonders, including one of the nation’s mos tnotable ones.

There’s lots to see in Arizona that you shouldn’t miss out on the next time you visit. If you’re single and looking for a hookup buddy, then to get you started on your itinerary list for the next time you make your way to Arizona, here are the top nine places you must see.

The Grand Canyon

Of course, I had to include the Grand Canyon – it’s a no brainer. If you’re going to see anything here, and only have time for one thing over nine, then this should be your first stop. Everyone in the nation should see the beautiful, deep canyons formed by vivacious burnt orange rock and sandstone. The canyon stretches 277 miles, 18 miles wide, and one mile deep.

It’s truly a sight to see for anyone that loves nature.

Meteor Crater

Located in Winslow, Arizona, the Meteor Carter is a must-see landmark of the state. I mean, how often do you get to see a meteorite landing site? You can explore the rim of this vast meteor crater on a guided tour and learn about the impact that happened many, many years ago.

This is an excellent destination for astronomy and geology enthusiasts.

Antelope Canyon

One of the most photographed locations in Arizona is Antelope Canyon, which you might recognize if you saw it. It’s a slot canyon with amazing sandstone formations that look like waves, and feature sunlight beams peeking through the openings at the top. If you have time and want to see this fantastic place, you should book a tour in advance since that is the only way you can access the canyon.

See the Ghost Town of Jerome

There aren’t many ghost towns in America, but Arizona is home to one called Jerome, located deep in old mining country. It’s one of the most famous ghost towns in the U.S. and is full of charm that makes it worth it to take a glance at the city.


If you’re visiting any city in Arizona, I highly suggest going to Sedona. Not only does the town have an incredible culture with many festivals taking place here, but it’s also home to an energy center, or vortex, that Native tribes consider sacred. The rock formations that can be found everywhere you look are said to emit energy from the earth, and thousands of people flock here to feel it. It’s one of the most gorgeous cities in the U.S. that everyone needs to explore.

Horseshoe Bend

Located in Page, AZ, Horseshow bend is a great hike to see an unbeatable view of a near-perfect circle of rock that has been carved out by the Colorado River over millions of years into the Canyon. It’s a beautiful sight to see at sunset or sunrise, just plan accordingly to deal with crowds.

Route 66

Arizona also contains the historic Route 66 highway that has been the backdrop for many movies in American cinematic history and features great pit stops where you can grab a bite to eat. Driving down this highway is indeed an experience like no other and one you’ll want to roll your windows down for.

Navajo Nation

You can’t visit Arizona without taking the opportunity to immerse yourself or learn about the rich Native American population that resides there. Arizona is home to the Navajo Cultural Monument that you can explore by horseback, and any part of northeastern Arizona that you visit will offer opportunities to see the Navajo people’s history.

Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix

Phoenix, Arizona is full of many amazing and fun things to do if you’re more of a city person than a hiking person, further proving that Arizona has something for everyone. A personal favorite of mine is the Desert Botanical Garden. The botanical garden is 140 acres of the most beautiful cactuses, flowers, and trees of the desert. They have 50,000 lant displays for you to enjoy, and always have great exhibits, events, and concerts.