Top 5 Amazing Hike Trails in Arizona

Arizona is home to one of the most amazing national parks in America, the Grand Canyon, but what many people don’t know about this state is that it also has some of the nation’s most beautiful hiking trails. With striking features that make Arizona one of the best states a nature lover could visit, there are several different hiking trails you could embark on. While some can be found at one of the nation’s natural wonders, there are others located in places outside of it that are just as gorgeous.

Here are five of the most fantastic hike trails found in the Copper State.

Bright Angel Trail

With an elevation of 6,850 feet, the Bright Angel Trail inside of the Grand Canyon National Park is a must for every hiking enthusiast. It’s a long, steep, and strenuous trail, but the view is worth it, and drinking water can be found along the way. It’s also one of the only two fully maintained trails in the park because of its popularity, but it’s not recommended to complete the whole path and back in one day as it takes a very long time and can get very hot.

Havasu Falls

One of the most scenic and famous hiking trails in all of Arizona is the Havasupai Falls, or Havasu for short. What sets this hike apart from others on the list is that you need to purchase a permit before hiking the trail. Without it, you won’t be allowed to hike this impressive landmark. The falls at Havasu are breathtaking and aqua blue, just like you see in photos of them. There are a few different falls along the way, but if you want to reach the stellar Havasu Falls, you should plan for a 3-day hike. Permits are sold on the Havasupai tribe website and are only sold as a 4-day and 3-night deal. Though it can be expensive to visit the beautiful location, it is an unforgettable experience worth saving up for.

Antelope Canyon

You’ve probably seen the photos of Antelope Canyon’s distinct “wave” formation of the burnt orange sandstone in this Navajo Tribal Parl. The canyon is only accessible through a guided tour. If you want to experience the breathtaking light beams that shine through the openings of the canyon, the best time to visit the slot canyon is from late March through early October.

Cathedral Rock

One of the shorter hikes on the list, covering just one mile, Cathedral Rock is another must-hike destination for travelers. Kid and dog-friendly, this trail located in Sedona offers you the view of beautiful red rock formations and the vast land covering the area. There are no shortage of incredible views on this trail that isn’t too difficult, except for some steep areas.

The Wave

Along with Antelope Canyon, the Wave is one of Arizona’s features that displays a swirling, wave-like texture. This orange sandstone landscape is found in Paria Canyon and stretched 5.5 miles. You do need to acquire a permit, however, much like many other popular hiking trails in Arizona, to see the Wave. You’ll get a map and directions to the feature once your application is processed successfully.