5 Essential Pieces of Hiking Gear

Hiking is one of the easiest ways to get into outdoor activities! All you need to be able to do is walk reasonably well and know what to bring with you, and that’s it!

Gathering the gear you need to go on a hike isn’t that hard, you can likely do short beginner trails with stuff you have at home, but here are the things that the pros don’t leave home without!


Now, you don’t need a Camelbak – or a similar product – to go on a hike, however with a camelbak you don’t need to bring a water bottle or a backpack as this thing combines the two!

camelbaks allow you to store your water and all your stuff in one convenient pack. Plus the bladder of the camelbak will usually hold more water than your average, and it will feel much lighter!

Hiking Boots

Footwear is super important when it comes to hiking. The proper shoes are important if you don’t want your feet to hurt or get wet, slide off a surface, or twist an ankle!

Good hiking boots provide fantastic ankle support and traction so that you can keep your feet safe while hiking up the mountain of your choice.

1st Aid Basics

Shit happens.

And anytime you go out into the wilderness you’re bound to get a little dirty. You’re more likely to take a Tumblr down a steep incline on a mountain or trip on a rock while you’re hiking.

Don’t go out into nature without the first aid basics. This will help you keep anything from a scrape from getting infected to help you get to safety if you so happen to hurt yourself more seriously.

So purchase a small, compact first aid kit that will fit into your hiking pack or make your own first aid kit. You want the basics: bandaids, disinfectant, liquid bandage, gauze and ace bandage! I’d also recommend carrying gloves in case things get gross!

Map and Compass

In the age of smart phones, you still need to bring a map and compass wherever you go. Out in nature service is unreliable. If you’re planning on going out to an area that has little to no cell service you need to make sure you know where you’re going and how to get back to the trailhead!

Trial Mix and Snacks

You’ve got to eat!

Even if you’re planning on going on a short hike, you should really bring some food.

If you’re going on a longer day-hike, you’re definitely going to need some food to keep you going. The last thing you want to be on a hike is hangry!

Compact Waterproof Overjacket

Weather is unpredictable! One of my must-haves in my hiking pack is a compact waterproof over-jacket. Plenty of outdoorsmen stores sell small waterproof jackets that fold up into themselves and easily fit into your pack!


Don’t get caught out in the dark without a light.

Even if you’re only going out for a short hike, you don’t want to get caught out in the wilderness without a light.

While nighttime isn’t intimidating in society – due to lights – you may be surprised at how dark it gets out on the trail in a snap

Make sure you bring a flashlight in case you get lost or lose track of time and lose daylight!