Top 3 Evergreen Affiliate Marketing Niches

When you are looking to delve into affiliate marketing it might be difficult to know where your audience lies. It may be difficult to find the most profitable niche, however there are three niches that are nearly always money makers. These niches are topics that are always being searched, topics that people are always looking for help with. (I wonder if you can begin to guess what topics these might be)
If you are looking to make some cash then you ought to capitalize on these three niches in your affiliate marketing strategy.
1.  Health
Think about how often you get sick and your first instinct is to Google your symptoms
Think about how often you look in the mirror and wonder how you can manage to lose that holiday weight.
Think about how often you stare down into the bottom of a Ben & Jerry’s carton and wonder where all the ice cream went and then immediately start thinking about how you’re destroying your body with copious amounts of sweets and immediately Google healthy eating tips. (Oh, that’s just me?)
People are always concerned about their health. People are concerned that they are sick or dying at the first sign of a cough.
Additionally, with all the new diets and constant pressure to eat organic, or vegan, or what-have-you, people are struggling to keep up.
If you want to cash in on this niche then you should start blogging about health and wellness. You can include articles on home remedies for common illnesses to profit off of all those hypochondriacs out there.
2.  Wealth
What afflicts just as many Americans as obesity? Money problems or the desire to make a little more.
Everyone is trying to keep up with the Joneses. It’s easier than ever to make side money – as you may have figured out you affiliate marketer, you – and anyone with an internet connection can and will try to cash in.
Creating a blog or site centered around making or saving money almost guarantees traffic.
By writing on this topic you will attract all those who are searching ways to make a little money on the side, save money, get a higher paying job, or get a job at all – which is almost everyone.
Think about how many adults struggle to pay for their kid’s college – or struggle to pay off their own loans. Think about how many kids want to stop asking their parents for money. Think about how many young adults are struggling to just be an adult. All those people are in this niche.
3.  Romance
This topic probably surpasses the previous three in searches – and it people’s minds.
Everyone struggles with attracting the opposite sex and some have no idea what to do when they are presented with the opportunity to take a step forward both physically and emotionally.
Creating a site that deals with everything love/sex related with absolutely land you traffic. You will capture all those searching for date ideas, sex tips, and questions about gender/sex.
Plus, there are endless things to talk about when it comes to romance so your copy will never get boring and you will never get bored writing (and researching) it!  The fastest way to get started as a dating affiliate is to join an affiliate network that specializes in dating – such as – or if you want to learn more check out the youtube video below