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Part III - Mr. & Mrs. Verley

The following journal entries are from the first five months of our marriage, while John and I were still in our "honeymoon phase"...and at the end of the year, a very important announcement is made!

July 19-26, 1999 Heather & John's Big Adventure - The Honeymoon
July 31, 1999 Making Woodchute
August 14-15, 1999 Mrs. Verley's First Birthday
August 21, 1999 Los Burros
August 28-29, 1999 The Highline "Wreck"-reational Trail
September 4-6, 1999 Aravaipa Revisited
September 18-19, 1999 The Adventure on Pine Mountain
September 26, 1999 Groom Creek Loop
October 2-3, 1999 The Highline Trail
October 16-17, 1999 The Balla(r)d of Washington Park
October 23, 1999 Picnic on Mount Lemmon
November 7, 1999 Flume Road to Fossil Creek
November 14, 1999 Getting a Piece of (Eagle)Tail
November 21, 1999 A Two-Liner
December 25, 1999 The Verleys' Christmas Letter 1999

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