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July 18-August 2, 2009

"The Great White North"

In honor of our ten-year wedding anniversary, John and I decided to celebrate...big!

Our original plan was to spend two weeks in Montana, where we had spent our honeymoon ten years ago.  We could spend the first week in Glacier National Park and do all of the fun things that we had done on our honeymoon all over again.  Then, we could spend the second week at Skydive Lost Prairie and do the Lost Prairie Boogie. 

That would have been a grand celebration for sure...but it just wasn't big enough...

We have always talked about one day taking a trip to visit the Canadian National Parks in Alberta and British Columbia - specifically Banff and Jasper National Parks.  As John started researching our trip, he became more and more convinced that we needed to go there instead of Montana - and, that we needed to visit Yoho National Park as well.  We could easily spend two weeks exploring all three parks and still not see everything.

Then came the question: kid, or no kid?  Do we take Mary with us, or do we leave her with the relatives for two weeks?  We decided that it was just as important for her to visit Canada as it was for us, so she was coming along with us.  Besides, this would be her first trip to Canada (new country for her)...and two weeks was just too long to leave her with the relatives!

After several months of research and planning, we finally put together an itinerary and booked the trip; we purchased airline tickets (John was just 7,000 miles short of a free ticket for himself - darn travel freeze!), booked cabins and hotels, and made backcountry reservations for two, two-night backpacking trips that we wanted to do.  We purchased new outdoor gear - including clothes and rain gear - specifically for our trip; John even bought a special lens for our DSLR (our Nikon D80), especially for taking landscape shots.  It took a lot of planning - and a lot of money - to put this trip together...

...and on July 18, 2009, it all came to fruition...

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Day Four Stirrups and Tie-Ups
Day Five Binocular Disorder
Day Six Yoho Flow D'oh!
Day Seven Journey to Jasper
Day Eight Juice Box:30
Day Nine Check Out the Iceholes
Day Ten Valley of the Five Lakes
Day Eleven Muddy Utopia
Day Twelve Fiddling in the River
Day Thirteen Verleys Take a Hike
Day Fourteen A Little R & R
Day Fifteen To Kootenay and Back
Day Sixteen Kananaski Country and Home

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