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March 26-April 5, 2010

"Another Spring Break in the South"

It had been just over two years since our last visit to South Carolina, which meant that we were long overdue for a visit to Omi and Opa. 

As always, our trip to South Carolina was nothing short of an adventure...but this time, the very act of planning the trip was even more so.  For one thing, we would be traveling during Mary's Spring Break, which, as usual, fell during the week of Easter; that meant that we would stay in South Carolina during the Easter holiday then fly home the following day.  True, Mary would have to miss a day of school, but it would be worth it not to spend Easter in the airport.

When it came time to book the trip, though, that was when things became complicated.  John had been told that he needed to be in Akron, OH, during the week before our trip; and he was also overdue to visit his office in Atlanta, GA.  Knowing that he was going to have to travel, then, John opted to make this a three week trip: March 22-27 in Akron, March 27-April 5 on vacation in South Carolina, and April 5-9 in Atlanta.  That said, his airfare would be paid for by the company.

Of course, that meant that Mary and I needed to coordinate our flights with John's flights in and out of Charlotte, NC.  When it was all said and done, Mary and I were booked on a red-eye, leaving at 11:30 p.m. on Friday, March 26 and arriving in Charlotte at 6:15 a.m. the next morning - a mere forty-five minutes before John's arrival from Akron.  Likewise, we also scheduled our flights out of Charlotte on the morning of April 5 to leave within fifteen minutes of each other.

If you think this all sounds familiar, it should.  We've done this before, when we traveled to Jamaica three years ago. 

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