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Pass Mountain

Trailhead: Wind Cave

Length: 7.1 miles roundtrip

Difficulty: Moderate

County Park: Usery Mountain Regional Park

Journal: "Boy Bands, Bajadas, and Baseball" and "Pass With Care"

Backside of Pass Mountain

Directions to Trailhead:

From Phoenix, take I-10 east to US 60. Continue east on US 60 and exit at Ellsworth. Go North on Ellsworth 7.5 miles to the Usery Mountain Recreation Area. There is a fee to enter the park; please check the park's website for the most current fee information. Follow the road to the Wind Cave trailhead.

Trail Description:

This narrative is for a clockwise loop.

From the parking area, (1900 feet) the trail takes off North across the desert. This section meanders in and out of numerous washes and hence has a lot of up and down to it. After a mile the trail turns to the east and begins its gentle climb around the North flank of Pass Mountain. As you work you way East, the views greatly improve and the clutter of the city is replaced by the beauty of the Goldfield Mountains.

After 1.7 miles the trail turns South and continues its gentle climb. About half-way down the east side of the loop, the trail reaches its high point (2650 feet) and then crosses through a beautiful pass.

From the pass, the trail descends quickly losing 500 feet in a mile. After bottoming out, the trail reaches the edge of the Park and turns West. This is the least scenic area as you are following a rusty barbed wire fence and looking into the back yards of the park's neighbors (nice boat!).

5.5 miles form the trailhead, the trail turns north and you are in the final stretch. There is another trailhead about a mile from the end that is called the Pass Mountain trailhead. Continue north through the washes (again) until you reach your starting point.

There is no water along this trail.

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