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Little Saddle Mountain Trail #244

Trailhead: Cross F

Length: 7 miles roundtrip

Difficulty: Moderate

Wilderness Area: Mazatzal Wilderness

Journal: "Little Saddle Mountain"

No Photo Available

Directions to Trailhead:

From Phoenix, drive north on SR 87 through the town of Sunflower. After leaving Sunflower, watch for the high tension power lines, that cross the highway. Just before you cross under the power lines, there is a small pull out on the east side of SR 87. Park here. The trailhead is directly across from the north entrance to the pull out. Be VERY careful when crossing SR 87. You will be crossing in the middle of a double curve.

Trail Description:

This trail follows many drainages as it climbs toward the Mormon Grove Trailhead. It is mostly easy terrain, with several long steep sections. The elevation gain is 1300 feet in about 3.5 miles.

About 1/2 mile in the trail junctions with the Sunflower #344 trail. Turn right to continue on the Little Saddle Mountain #244 Trail.

The trail heads northwest and then continues north in a drainage. There are several creek crossings, but the creek was mostly dry in February 2000. About 1.5 miles form the trail head was an area that had several camp sites. There was water available in pools in this area, and several seeps crossed the trail.

Almost two miles in, the trail turns to the west and crosses a ridge. From here, the views along this section are very good. You can see Pinnacle Peak off to the southwest. The trail turns north and climbs steeply for 1/4 mile before leveling out. 3 miles in, the trail turns northeast and follows and old jeep trail. The trail ends at the Saddle Mountain Trail #91 approximately 1/2 mile west of the Mormon Grove Trailhead.

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