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Lava River Tube

Trailhead: Lava Tube

Length: 1.5 miles roundtrip

Difficulty: Moderate

Managing Agency: Coconino National Forest

Journal: "Idiots on Ice", "Volcanic Gas", "Volcanic Gas Vol. II", "Volcanic Gas Vol. III"

**Kid Friendly Hike**

Entrance to Lava River Tube

Directions to Trailhead:

From Flagstaff, go northwest on US 180 to mile marker 230 (9 miles). Turn left (W) on FR 245 and follow it 3.6 miles to its intersection with FR 171. Turn left (S) on FR 171 and go 1.0 miles to FR 171B. Follow this .25 miles until its end. The cave entrance is 300 yards east of the end of the road. Look for a large circle of rocks that mark the cave entrance.

Trail Description:

Special Instructions: This cave has a year round temperature of 34 degrees. There is usually ice near the mouth of the cave. DRESS ACCORDINGLY. It is also extremely dark. Be sure to bring two flashlights per person. A Coleman lantern is a good idea. Being caught in this cave without light could be very dangerous!

From the entrance, climb down into the cave. Be careful of the ice. The cave has several low ceilings at the entrance, so watch your head. After a quarter mile, the cave opens up and walking becomes easier. The floor gets quite smooth.

Approx .5 miles in there is a fork. Take the left fork -- the ceiling of the right fork drops down to about a yard off the floor. Towards the end of the tunnel, there are several areas where the ceiling gets kind of low -- just keep going. The end of the cave is obvious.

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