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Flagstaff Area Hikes

Name Mileage Difficulty Kid Friendly
Bismark Lake Trail 2.4 Easy Yes
Crater Lake Trail 1 Moderate Yes
Crystal Forest Trail 0.8 Easy Yes
Inner Basin Loop 4.3 Moderate Yes
Island Trail 0.8 Moderate Yes
Kachina Trail 12 Moderate Yes
Kendrick Mountain #22 9.2 Moderate No
Lava River Tube 1.5 Easy/moderate Yes
Lennox Crater Trail 1 Moderate Yes
Lew Tank Meadow Trail 5 Easy Yes
Red Mountain 5 Easy Yes
Sandal Trail 1 Moderate Yes
Snake Gulch - Kanab Wilderness 44 Easy Yes
Uncle Jim Trail 5 Moderate Yes
Veit Springs Trail 1.5 Easy Yes



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