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Naked in the Woods – A Journal of Adventures is a travelogue of our outdoor excursions, whether it’s on the trail or on the road. Come and share some of our adventures!

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9 Flawless Things You Can Do To Find And Fuck Tonight

We all have those nights where our hormones get the best of us, or maybe it’s just been a while and you can’t go another night without it, but whatever the case may be — we’ve all needed a hookup, and fast.
Having to find and fuck someone that same night when you want to can sometimes be frustrating. Your usual booty call may be busy, and sliding into someone’s DMs may not always land in a successful hookup — especially if your goal is to get one that night.
So what can you do?
Here are 9 flawless steps to find and fuck someone tonight!
1. Use hookup apps
If you’re not already on one of the hundreds of hookup apps out there, what are you doing?! They come in handy at desperate times like these, and with the number of users on each of these apps, your chances are super high. Depending on your taste, there’s a hookup app tailored for you.
Kink hookup apps like Whiplr and KinkD exist to help you find like-minded individuals with your same kinks or new one to have the best hookup experience of your life. If you’re looking for some adventure by having a threesome, there’s even an app for that — 3nder matches you with either singles or couples who are looking for some 3-way fun. More traditional hookup apps where you can find anyone that interests you, like meetbang, are also available.
2. Go out

This is what most people do — get ready for a night out then head to your local bar in hopes of getting some. It’s a great alternative to hookup apps for some real, human interaction. You could make a night out of it and invite your friends, but let them know you’re looking to hookup, so they’re not left thinking you’re a dick when you suddenly disappear for the night and take off with someone you met at the bar. This way, even if you don’t end up meeting someone to go home with, you’ll at least have fun getting drunk with your friends.
3. Slide in the DMs
Your best bet to reach sexual success off sliding in the DMs is to message someone that has been throwing hints. This means that they’ve been retweeting or liking posts that have to do with sexual content, or they’ve been liking your posts a lot. But be wary, you could easily misjudge this and end up DM’ing someone who just happened to like your tweets and not someone who wants to fuck.
Hit that person up and throw in hints to sex and see where it leads from there.
4. Hygiene
It’s crucial that before any time you’re about to have sex you clean yourself up — like actually clean and not douche. If you want any chance at landing a hookup, you have to be clean and hygienic, because if you show up at a girl’s place smelling like socks or the tip of your penis is covered in lint, she’s not gonna want to have sex with you.
Take the time before even seeking out somebody to make sure y our smellin’ good and your body is clean.
5. Clean your place up

If you’ve found someone to hookup with, and you plan on bringing them to your place, MAKE SURE YOU CLEAN UP.
It’s an automatic turn-off walking into the person you’re about to have sex with’s room only to find a pile of dirty laundry on the ground, right next to a mountain of empty beer cans.
Don’t be this person and end up with your hookup walking out of your place because of how disgusted they are with your room.
6. Foreplay

If you take anything out of this article, it should be this step.
Imagine hooking up with someone and then them going and bragging to their friends about how awesome you were in bed? Or even better, them coming back for more so you won’t have to go through the process of finding another hookup?
Well, that’s what could happen when you pay attention to and take time on foreplay. Trust me; it makes all the difference.
7. Be vocal

To ensure you have the best sex possible, you can’t be shy about what you want or what you’re okay with. Set boundaries and also let the person know what feels good and what doesn’t. This will make the experience better for the both of you, with the other person knowing that they’re pleasing you and you getting what makes you feel good.
8. Don’t be selfish
If you’re only focusing on yourself and what you want during sex, then the experience will be miserable. Both parties should be getting something out of the hookup, and you wouldn’t want someone to say you were terrible in bed, right?
Take turns pleasing one another with what you want, and you’re guaranteed to have fantastic sex that could go round after round.

9. Have fun

Chances are you may never see this person again, or if you like each other (or the sex) enough you may choose to meet up again — but either way, you should have fun with your hookup! Try new things, do something you never have, ask them what they’d like you to do, say something you usually don’t during sex.
Anything out of the ordinary is better than routine.

Top 3 Evergreen Affiliate Marketing Niches

When you are looking to delve into affiliate marketing it might be difficult to know where your audience lies. It may be difficult to find the most profitable niche, however there are three niches that are nearly always money makers. These niches are topics that are always being searched, topics that people are always looking for help with. (I wonder if you can begin to guess what topics these might be)
If you are looking to make some cash then you ought to capitalize on these three niches in your affiliate marketing strategy.
1.  Health
Think about how often you get sick and your first instinct is to Google your symptoms
Think about how often you look in the mirror and wonder how you can manage to lose that holiday weight.
Think about how often you stare down into the bottom of a Ben & Jerry’s carton and wonder where all the ice cream went and then immediately start thinking about how you’re destroying your body with copious amounts of sweets and immediately Google healthy eating tips. (Oh, that’s just me?)
People are always concerned about their health. People are concerned that they are sick or dying at the first sign of a cough.
Additionally, with all the new diets and constant pressure to eat organic, or vegan, or what-have-you, people are struggling to keep up.
If you want to cash in on this niche then you should start blogging about health and wellness. You can include articles on home remedies for common illnesses to profit off of all those hypochondriacs out there.
2.  Wealth
What afflicts just as many Americans as obesity? Money problems or the desire to make a little more.
Everyone is trying to keep up with the Joneses. It’s easier than ever to make side money – as you may have figured out you affiliate marketer, you – and anyone with an internet connection can and will try to cash in.
Creating a blog or site centered around making or saving money almost guarantees traffic.
By writing on this topic you will attract all those who are searching ways to make a little money on the side, save money, get a higher paying job, or get a job at all – which is almost everyone.
Think about how many adults struggle to pay for their kid’s college – or struggle to pay off their own loans. Think about how many kids want to stop asking their parents for money. Think about how many young adults are struggling to just be an adult. All those people are in this niche.
3.  Romance
This topic probably surpasses the previous three in searches – and it people’s minds.
Everyone struggles with attracting the opposite sex and some have no idea what to do when they are presented with the opportunity to take a step forward both physically and emotionally.
Creating a site that deals with everything love/sex related with absolutely land you traffic. You will capture all those searching for date ideas, sex tips, and questions about gender/sex.
Plus, there are endless things to talk about when it comes to romance so your copy will never get boring and you will never get bored writing (and researching) it!  The fastest way to get started as a dating affiliate is to join an affiliate network that specializes in dating – such as justcash.com – or if you want to learn more check out the youtube video below

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